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Talks, courses, and workshops

In addition to using hypnosis in his practical clinical work, Dr. Bühler gives talks about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and common symptoms and conditions treated with hypnosis.

Stress management workshop

In collaboration with London College of Clinical Hypnosis, we are offering a workshop about stress management that also includes an introduction into self-hypnosis. The structure of the course can be adapted to the participant's needs. The general structure is:

  • The stress response and short- and long-term effects of stress
  • Positive resources: time, relaxation, enough exercise, a balanced diet
  • How self-hypnosis can help to relieve stress
  • A group experience in hypnosis
  • Introduction to self-hypnosis techniques
  • How to build your personal script for self-hypnosis
  • Quick destressing techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • NLP anchoring techniques as tool for quick stress relief

Please contact Dr. Roger Bühler if you would like him to give a talk or a course about a specific topic related to hypnosis or conditions treated by hypnosis.

Recent talks:


12. 9. 2015: Talk about stress management (including relaxing hypnosis) and healthy nutrition during a healthy lifestyle event at IME group of companies.


20. 4. 2016: Lunchtalk for doctors about hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome (mechanisms of action, efficacy of hypnotherapy for IBS, guidelines, indications, gut-directed hypnotherapy)


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